In a world in dire need of timeless music, time was of the essence for Cise, to find his niche as an artist. Many people have quoted the statement to "Just be you" when making music or when simply being creative, unaware that a statement so simple is far more complex. Cise, an esteemed MC was approaching another avenue of music, Producing. Many of his productions incorporating samples vintage vinyl recordings or what he likes to call "Yesterday". These songs are created in the voice of the underdog. An underdog who's music will allow people minds to rise above simplicity in an over saturated entertainment industry. Cise brings music that crosses boundaries of genres, ethnicity, and geography. A sound that allows listeners to enjoy music with a message of freedom of creativity, rebelling against conforming, self-empowerment, family values, relationships, personal connection and merely being yourself. Every song is a form of development, not only displaying his own growth but exhibiting how others can grow from their life's experiences. The album is entitled "Good Enough" but Cise has the potential to be a Great MC.

Born in Los Angeles, the California born MC began his own path in music from a more relatable approach opposed to most artists in his genre. It looks, feels, and sounds motivational. The tone of his music will not only excite you but also remind you of what music is intended to be, timeless. The music can range from vintage to alternative hip-hop, to soul, to funk, there is no boundary. Cise didn't come from a background of musicians, but grew up in a family with an ear for good music. Cise began music in various groups that were short-lived, finally deciding that he was "Good Enough" to do this on his own. With the help of close friends who not only help craft the music behind the lyrics but also accompany live performances, the music is sure to be filled with a diverse and progressive sound that the listeners can identify with.